My YouTube channel is here.  On that channel, I have five “playlists.”  A “playlist” is a group of videos all linked by a common theme.  Each playlist could be seen as a University “course” with each video being a “class.”  My playlists mostly follow a teaching pattern and they are arranged in a particular order, usually doctrinal in a catechism series or chapter-based in a Gospel series of similar videos.  I’d encourage you follow one of these playlists, especially if you have never heard of my podcasts or if you get tired of my Church-reform based blogging here.  My videos are not only free to all users, but they are also ad-free.

I currently have 5 playlists, some of which have over 100 videos per playlist. You can tap on any of the following links and watch successive videos of the single topic of any playlist you choose:

VLX:  Video Lectio Divina (VLX) is my Patristic Bible Study and Ignatian Mental prayer.  We study what the earliest generations of Christians (the Holy Fathers) said about the Gospels (Patristic Bible Study) and then we imagine ourselves there (Ignatian Mental Prayer.)  Right now, we are going through the Gospel of St. Matthew.  In fact, we have been in this series for almost two years now and we are only up to chapter 17 of Matthew by the production of this blog post.  This VLX playlist takes me the most time but it is also the most popular of my playlists among non-traditional Catholics and even non-Catholics.  Everyone likes to learn of Christ regardless of their politics!

CPX:  Catechism of Pius X (CPX) is a study of a short catechism written by Pope St. Pius X before he was even Pope.  So, it was written about 120 years ago.  CPX is currently my most comprehensive explanation of Apostolic (traditional) Catholic dogma online.  In each 15 minute video in this series, I read a page or two from the catechism which takes about seven minutes.  Then, for about seven minutes, I explain that section of the catechism to modern ears (but without changing the meaning of the classic Magisterium.)  The original book version of this Catechism of Pius X is even shorter than the Baltimore Catechism, so we will finish it rather quickly this year (2022) after only about two years of production.  It will then lead into videos called RCT later this year and in future years. (See RCT playlist description far below.)

TCE:  Theology and Current Events (TCE) is my more controversial series that tackles modern events through the lens of a conservative Catholic.  I have various guests from non-Catholic Dr. Mark McDonald MD on the psychological effects of masking children to my recent interview with Mel Gibson about his starring role in the new movie called Father Stu.  TCE looks at everything from Catholic homestead prepping to coronavirus’ experimental-injection to an interview with an ex-Satanic high-wizard become-Catholic.  Many people who don’t have time to follow VLX or CPX prefer my TCE series because there is nothing cumulative about this series.  (A few of my very old videos on this playlist do have ads at the beginning of the video.)

QuickPods:  QuickPods are essentially shorter versions of Theology and Current Events (TCE) but usually a lot shorter.  QuickPods are also frequently made spontaneously, on the go, even in my car.  They usually constitute short encouragements on Sacred Scripture or a clarification on a topic of current events.  Most of them are less than 10 minutes and without graphics, but they remain pretty popular because one need not follow any series (including Quickpods) to understand any single video here.

EIX:  EIX stands for Eὐαγγέλιον Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ which is Greek for Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a multi-language evangelization series used to explain the basics of Apostolic Catholicism in just 15 minutes to unbelievers, seekers and even uneducated Catholics in many different languages including French, Polish, Spanish and Mandarin. We translated segments of the late Bishop Morrow’s My Catholic Faith from the 1950s to 15 minute videos. We did not want to use Google translate, so we entered into the collaborative effort with other traditional Catholics across the globe who have given many hours of their time.  Soon, we will also release EIX into Arabic and another Middle-Eastern language.  EIX is produced with tremendous thanks to Mike Ton and Randy Grasso who have given many, many hours to this project.   Please email me at the email address found on my donate page if you would like to volunteer your time to translate EIX into your own native language.  (Please, the target language must be your own native language, not one you studied later in life.)

RCT:  Roman Catechism of Trent.  RCT will be my newest and longest catechism series once the shorter catechism series, CPX, comes to a close this year.  This RCT playlist is now slowly adding new videos and podcasts taking an in-depth look at all of the classic dogmas of traditional Catholicism (the only Catholicism that exists!) because this catechism is the only catechism ever declared fully infallible by a Pope.  In fact, its production followed the Council of Trent in the 16th century.  RCT is based on the infallible council of Trent and St. Thomas Aquinas, the Fathers and of course the Bible.

If you subscribe to my channel, you will [hopefully] get notifications to every video added to a playlist.  (I say “hopefully” because I am shadowbanned on every mainstream social media forum for constant content-violations against their group-think.)  In any case, feel free to just pick one playlist and catch up for now.  As I said, I can produce all of these for free because my donors take such good care of me.  That is why you will not see ads on my blog or channel.  Thank you to all my donors!

N.B. If I ever get de-platformed on YouTube, be aware that most of the above videos are also uploaded to my Rumble channel and my Bitchute channel, thanks to the constant work of Brandon Smith.  You can search Padre Peregrino on your podcast-app and you will find the audio-version of most of the above videos, too.  (EIX is my only series not found on Apple podcasts or Android podcast apps, as it is exclusively on video.)