Driving across the Mojave desert, I was recently thinking of my favorite saint (outside the 1st century) St. Francis Xavier.  St. Francis was converted by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century at the University of Paris and he went on to baptize a half million people in Southeast Asia and East Asia.  On his missions, he was pure charity to the Indians but he was fire and brimstone to the Portuguese settlers who he constantly found whoring, trading, slaving and fighting.  After numerous fruitless warnings to the eternal salvation of these men who were impeding his mission, Xavier finally wrote King John of Portugal to tell him (in sober, respectful terms as only a Spaniard can do) that if King John didn’t order them to stand down, he would find himself being ordered around hell at the moment of his death.

I started thinking about how these men represented the villains of history:  White, European hypocritical Catholic men who would clearly be called “toxic masculinity” in any University today.  And perhaps with good reason.  So, this is not a post defending any of those men (especially if my favorite saint told them they were going to hell for their behavior.)  But I started wondering as I wandered through the Mojave desert why the notion of a tough, white, racist hypocritical white male comprise bogey men of the past whereas the biggest threat to our world now is globalists and feminists.  In other words, why are the really evil people of today who are killing countless people not the racist, masculine conquistadors of the past (as became represented in Trump by the left) but wimpy globalists like Sachs and repulsive feminists like Pelosi?  (Both abortion-promoting monsters are very welcome in the Vatican, by the way.)

It hit me walking through the desert that the face of evil has changed in five hundred years from overly-masculine to overly-feminine not because God changed or human nature changed or even that demons have changed.  Rather, it hit me that communism is the simply the easiest way to cheat, lie, steal and manipulate.  And this is why Mary had to warn against it at Fatima.  Everyone can recognize masculine conquistadors or racist SS guards as evil because the evil is out in the open.  (I don’t even buy the notion that the Portuguese colonialists 500 years ago were racist since they all married Brazilian Indians and Indonesian islanders.)  But the evils of communism and feminism kill more people than either of those (do the math) and they keep recruiting people all over the globe because its evil is not only hidden, but occasionally attractive.

Our Lady of Fatima’s warning against “the errors of Russia” has nothing to do with Russia being masculine or white or even religiously-hypocritical.  These are bogey mans of the past (now crystalized in Putin) whereas “the real errors of Russia” is the most diabolical (and undetectable) system ever devised.  It is here to pull as many people into an atheistic system of mind-control, not bad-economics.  It is not that human nature has changed since the days of St. Francis Xavier.  It’s that the instrumentation of globalism has found the sneakiest way to recruit young and old into a system of power where now billions can cheat, lie, steal and manipulate.  By constantly injecting morality into their pet-projects, they never get caught.

The scientific and sociological truths of, say, coronavirus or transgender puberty blockers or climate-change doesn’t matter to the left.  We on the right waste so much time trying to convince them with statistical truths.  We forget that leftists are not interested in the truth because they have joined a team not interested in the truth.  The “errors of Russia” is essentially a system of belonging to a hell-on-earth team that employs the rejection of not only truth but even order.  Group-think of the left (on everything from being pro-Ukraine to anti-Trump) is a system made to deceive the largest amount of people in history and lead them to destruction and disorder while looking good (and even self-righteous) while doing it.

That is something none of the slaving conquistadors even figured out in the days of St. Francis Xavier.

Never in the history of Marian apparitions has Mary warned against a political system until Fatima.  And that’s because communism is not a political system.  It’s a mendacious, diabolical recruitment system of millions of people to join a team of man-directing-man in place of God-directing-man.  It is the greatest instrument of Satan to lead the most people to hell, which is why God sent Mary to give the unprecedented warning against “the errors of Russia.”

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