30 12, 2021

The Illinois State Capitol and “Religious Liberty”

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Just before Christmas 2021, a baby-Satan was installed next to the Nativity Set in the Illinois State Capitol found in Springfield, IL.  Tradition, Family and Property prayed against this event in the Capitol building the very day it happened.  Raymond Arroyo on Fox News covered this horrible event with Franklin Graham. What does the Catholic Church think about this?  At the gut-level, everyone is disgusted.  But let's consider this at a doctrinal level.  The "pastoral" (non-dogmatic) Second Vatican Council had a "Declaration on Religious Freedom" called Dignitatis Humanæ.  In this document, we read that "the right to religious freedom has its foundation not in the subjective disposition of the person, [...]

26 12, 2021

Why Did God Become Man? A Simple Explanation

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Would the Eternal Word have become incarnate if Adam had never sinned? Some religious in the Middle-Ages answered in the negative to this. However, the Franciscans answered in the positive. The latter view would become known as the Absolute Primacy of Christ. I hold to this view, namely, that the Second Person of the Trinity would have indeed become Jesus Christ even if Adam and Eve had never sinned.  However, even for those who hold to the Absolute Primacy of Christ (like the Franciscans and me) we clearly assert that the propitiation for our sins was a major reason for the Incarnation.  Of course, the Incarnation is when God the [...]

25 12, 2021

The Incarnation

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“One will be sent in the flesh,” thundered the most beautiful Trinity to the angels and all the courts of heaven eons ago. In perfect harmony they rejoiced. But later they wondered if anyone but a lowly archangel like Raphael (still more glorious than a burning star) could dare condescend again to take flesh as Raphael did for Tobit. Their best guess for the new assignment was Gabriel. God said “Gabriel will go…but in spirit as preparation. One much higher than he will become flesh.” “But how?” the angels wondered, “A cherubim's eyes would melt the trees and mountains. No human warrior's body could even instantaneously hold the power of [...]

22 12, 2021

Ancient Pagan Prophesies Describing the Savior of the World

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Not only did the Hebrew Scriptures describe that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem, but so did pagan oracles.  Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen describes some of them: History is full of men who have claimed that they came from God, or that they were gods, or that they bore messages from God – Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Christ, Lao-tze, and thousands of others, right down to the person who founded a new religion this very day. Each of them has a right to be heard and considered. But as a yardstick external to and outside of whatever is to be measured is needed, so there must be some permanent tests available [...]

20 12, 2021

TCE #36: All flesh shall see the salvation of God

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If 6M Muslims a year convert to [mostly] non-Catholic Christianity, who is behind this?  God or the devil? Listen to this "Theology and Current Events" (TCE) to get my best-guess. Yes, best-guess only here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HicsTNZ5pYc&t=1s  

20 12, 2021

The Darkness Fears the Light

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In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria.—Lk 2:1-2 Notice that Joseph and Mary had to go through a census or registration (ἀπογραφὴ or apographé in Greek in Lk 2:2 above) as Jews living under the foreign occupation of the Roman Empire. Herod, a half-Jew who was in cahoots with the Roman government that had invaded, presumably used this registration to track Jesus in his attempts to kill Him: Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all [...]

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