Captain Emily Rainey was targeted by the international mainstream media for “inciting the insurrection” of the 6th of January 2020 at the US Capitol. We tackle these lies and then we discuss her love of State and Church as a TLM-attending Catholic. We discuss everything from the US Military’s view towards the “mandatory vacation” to the errors of Russia to the Vendée (after which she has named a farm.)

Nota Bene: I say on this podcast that none of the 30k National Guard troops defected to defend the incumbent President, but Captain Rainey later pointed out to me off the air that ABC News reported back in Jan 2021 that “every one of the armed National Guardsmen deployed around the U.S. Capitol and the streets of Washington, D.C., to help with security for Wednesday’s presidential inauguration has already been vetted by the FBI as they look for any potential insider threats, according to a defense official.”