In this short podcast, Patrick Coffin describes how the Catholic diocese of Orange, California issued an invitation to a Zoom meeting with an auxiliary bishop and the Superintendent of Catholic schools and two physicians including the President of the Orange Co. Chapter of the American Association of Pediatrics.  This was a Zoom meeting originally meant for Catholic parents of Catholic kids (going to Catholic schools) to “ask questions” about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine for their kids.

But this Q &A session for Catholic leaders and Catholic parents didn’t happen.  What did happen on that Zoom meeting, as Mr. Coffin relates, was “a non-stop aggressive sales-tactic with one goal in mind:  To break the resistance of thinking Catholic parents to the most rushed vaccine in history not approved by the FDA to a population that’s virtually untouched by COVID-19—and that is people under the age of 30.”

The day after I listened to the above podcast, an active paramedic in Colorado (working for a different EMS than the above pic where I worked as a paramedic) texted me and another buddy on the thread:

There is a call ongoing at the moment with two kids ages 12 (and I don’t know the other’s age) in active seizure after receiving the Covid shot. One stopped breathing for a bit and was resuscitated and is now breathing again.1

We should not be surprised at more morbidity and morality from this mRNA genome-scrambler considering even the UK now reports the new “variant” of COVID” comes with a 600% higher fatality rate for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.  The UK also reported the vaccine is “not recommended during pregnancy.”

But the California bishop and the Orange County Catholic school superintendent both want your kids to take the death-jab.  We must ask:  Why is it that bishops’ scandals these days always endanger the souls and bodies of children?  Because that’s how the enemy of human nature rolls with modernists who have no fear of God and no knowledge of medicine.

Finally, it’s worth relating the following account:  Last week, an older friend of mine here in Colorado tested positive for COVID and had all the classic symptoms of COVID before her diagnosis.  I brought her 90 tablets of my own Ivermectin.  Her symptoms dissipated quickly after taking the first few weight-dependent doses.  Note that the featured image at the top of my blog here reveals my growing “stash” of Ivermectin on a repeat prescription I obtained.  It truly is a life-saver for the very small slice of the general population whose lives are endangered by COVID.