The Irish World War I chaplain, hero and Jesuit priest called Fr. Willie Doyle SJ (seen above) once said: “I have long had the feeling that, since the world is growing so rapidly worse and worse and God has lost His hold, as it were, upon the hearts of men, He is looking all the more earnestly and anxiously for big things from those who are faithful to Him still. He cannot, perhaps, gather a large army round His standard, but He wants every one in it to be a hero, absolutely and lovingly devoted to Him; if only we could get inside that magic circle of generous souls, I believe there is no grace He would not give us to help in the work He has so much at heart – our personal sanctification.”

With reform of the Church and State looking pretty bleak right now, I have a new joy and vigor in small pockets of Apostolic Catholics bubbling up everywhere.   Let me give you a couple examples of parents who have reached out to me who had no idea I would put their words in a blog post. Both reached out to me and I later asked their permission to publish.

A father I used to work with (now in Florida) wrote me:

Father Nix, just wanted to touch base and let you know that we really appreciate your prayers for our family. I know your prayers and offering of sacrifice are being used greatly in heaven for conversion of souls. Particularly we are having a large outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon my nuclear family, and beginning to see the Holy Spirit move in the lives of my brothers who are all in need of conversion. I have been fasting and praying regularly and would ask that you specifically pray for the conversion of my brother Matthew. He may even have a Priestly vocation.

I’ve actually been having a very contemplatively and grace filled last 9 months, believe it or not. I know that everything is going crazy in the world but I’ve unplugged a bit from news and Social media and just concentrated on teaching the little boys in prayer/daily masses/fasting and reading scripture. I have also know that God’s grace is abundant and Mary’s protection is on us.  I’ve been doing novena afternoon novena to Saint Therese for conversion of my family and I think, unsurprisingly, she has really giving me a thirst for Souls. So we have been doing everything we can to be a holy family, thirsting for conversions and  trying to be putty in God’s hands. I love you brother! Your witness is very powerful.

A housewife in the mid-West wrote me:

My adult daughter was at a very low place with herself and within our family. There were many sleepless nights praying for her restoration! On a whim, she attended a retreat (remember when I asked for your prayers?) and prayed a prayer of submission to God on the first night. The next day… she had an instant change of life. She said “Mom, I was so hardened and blinded that I think that God had to shock me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to change me.” She went almost instantly from angry and tepid to a joyful and fervent Catholic, currently discerning a life of service.

Another miracle took place in her brother during the same month. (You know his story, too.) I renewed my Marian Consecration recently and begged Mary for a special favor for the restoration of his heart. He had no idea I did that, but within weeks, he returned to devotion to Blessed Mother after years of doubt and was in a freak auto accident shortly after. The car which struck him was thrown in the opposite direction of impact (flying end over end) as if swatted by a giant hand. My son’s car was heavily damaged and yet never moved, nor did the airbags deploy. Neither witnesses nor professionals could explain what happened. He started wearing the Miraculous Medal and told me “It was all Mary.” Now these two children sit at my kitchen table and talk together about God and faith.

I am convinced that this time of great evil, temptation, and persecution is being accompanied by a biblical outpouring of grace and miracles. I have started using your VLX series with my younger kids to help them learn mental prayer (which will be so critical for overcoming the present attacks and confusion)… and their response has given me so much hope. My 7-year old loves when I model the method with her, and she just melts into my side, sighing and smiling. It is easy to be externally pious, but this time seems to call for deeper conversion. Seeing these manifestations of grace is changing me and I believe that all honest and seeking hearts can have a powerful experience of God’s power. What a great gift to be made for this time! Parents should take special note… fast and pray for your children. Miracles are possible.