I snapped the above pic in the home of some former parishioners of mine who had purchased a new home a few years ago and decided to turn a little circular hallway into a beautiful chapel.  Because I had my Mass kit on me while passing through their town recently, I was able to offer Holy Mass on one of the little ledges (less than 11″ deep.) The above example is what one can do with a little paint and elbow grease.  The father of the family has many children and is a train mechanic, so I don’t buy the argument that only the rich can establish a little sanctuary for the Lord.

Another devout Catholic family recently turned an entire bedroom into a chapel with an altar upon which I also offered Holy Mass a few times.  They allowed me to give a little video tour of it on Twitter on Mardi Gras 2021 before I left Twitter for Lent:

Notice that for the first chapel (in the featured image at the very top of this blog) the family had a small space but I had to have my travel TLM Mass kit.  The second family’s chapel (in the Twitter video above) was able to host me without my Mass kit because they chose to purchase everything on the big list that follows below.

Modernist priests honestly believe they are representing the simplicity of the Apostles when they offer their travel Mass with only a stole, patten, chalice, bread, wine and a smart phone.  God bless them.

But traditional priests want to honor God in their travel kits by having all of the below items.  Certainly not exhaustive but relatively comprehensive, the following is the beginning of a list of what I gave them to prepare a home chapel if you want to host Latin Mass priests who may want to pass through your town without hauling their own Mass kit every time.

Traditional Mass-Kit Check-List:

1. Chasuble
2. Stole
3. Maniple
4. Chalice Veil
5. Burse
One place for #1-5 is here. Many traditional priests purchase these nicely-priced vestments from India.  See if you can ask them to make you a gold/violet reversible.  A gold/violet combo covers the vast majority of Masses throughout the year because gold can substitute for green and white (and maybe red as well) and violet can substitute for black and rose.  There are nicer sets on the site, but that one functioned well, especially for the purpose of also travelling.
6. Crucifix – One option is something like this.  But even better is to find a good antique or one on etsy (as most official liturgical companies tend to do high price and low quality stuff.)
7. Chalice & Paten – here  (Again, try to get something used from an antique store or dying priest because these American liturgical companies do high price and low quality.  I only link this company as least bad out there.)
9. Ciborium – here  (Think a little bit about how the priest will be able to handle it with liturgical digits (index finger and thumb joined).
10. Altar Cards – one option is these.  But these or these would be smaller and take up less space on the altar if you were limited on the altar area.  Plate holders can hold them in place.  (Fraternity Publications makes high-quality and decently-priced materials, unlike the above linked company.)
11. Alb – here; I ordered a Medium
12. Amice – here; a nicer one that’s pure linen here
13. Cincture – here in white
14.1962 Missal – here.  A slightly cheaper one in medium font here.  I have the travel size one, but it was much cheaper when I bought it.
15. Prayers at the Foot of the Altar – here
16. Leonine Prayer Card – here
17. Bread – this (for laity) and this (for the priest).
18. Wine – you might be able to find this at your local Catholic store, but they may only sell it to church officials, so your other option is to get your priest to supply this.  It is best to purchase altar wine that is both sulfite free and made for Holy Mass.
19. Purificator – here is one example.
20. Altar Linen Set including Chalice Pall, Corporal, Purificator & Lavabo Finger Towel – one example is this but there are other beautiful options on this site.
21. Cruets – here
22. Bowl – A ramekin is fine for a lavabo bowl.
23. Double Corporal – buy two of these and sew them together
24. A First-Class relic of a saint.  These should never be sold, and I’m wary of them being purchased.  The best thing is to ask a priest friend that you know in real life straight-up if you can have one of his.  He very well might be quite generous, especially if he has many first class relics of a saint.  (A relic is a body part of a dead saint—usually a very small piece of bone or hair—kept respectfully in a metallic reliquary.)
25. Altar cloth – here
26. Candles – two white candles like two of these.  You can also get candlesticks like this, but then you would have to get these and these.
27. Portable Altar –  Here is one good option.
28. Missal Stand – here
29. Bell – here
30.  NEW ADDITION:  Garden Kneeling Pads here.  I would suggest purchasing somewhere between 9 and 30 of them.  These are obviously to help those attending your home Mass to be able to kneel on your hard floor for a good 20 minutes of a 30 minute low-Mass.

ALSO, you need to have bleach, starch, and a couple of medium size bins in order to wash and iron the linens.  There’s a specific way the altar linens need to be cleansed by the priest.  Thus, getting 3 dish pans is the way to have an easy set up for a traditional priest.  (Lay people may not wash the linens in the washer until he has purified them, so this is not a superfluous addition.  Remember:  Buy 3 Home Depot Buckets or 3 Dish pans or 3 Rubbermaid tote boxes.)

All of these items (except the table and cleaning items) fit in one of these.
Also, if you are a lay person handling sacred items, purchase white gloves with which you may handle the chalice.
Nota Bene:
1. Both families gave me permission to include the above pictures of their home chapels and stories.
2.  Please do not buy me any of the above items.  The above list will make your own home attractive to other traveling traditional priests who should have their own TLM Mass kits with all of the above items, but may not always be able to travel with such a kit as travel gets more restrictive for the non-vaccinated .  Certain homes will want to be pre-staged for priests as things get worse under this Covidocracy.  Traditional priests will probably choose to stay at the homes ready for them to offer the traditional Latin Mass without much of a headache in the prep work.