Dearest Benefactors,

Ave Maria!

Thank you so much for your donations to me. As we approach tax season, please know that Peregrino Hermitage Ltd is a 501c3 non-profit. Its Federal tax ID is #83-4544433.    For anyone who donated in 2020, you should be receiving an email from me on your total donations in 2020 very soon.  If you don’t, please email me at the email-address found on my donation page.

According to my rule of life, I have been trying to pray a few hours a day and do online catechesis a few hours a day. This commitment (and lack of virtue) has delayed my responses to your snail-mail and your email. I just opened all your Christmas donations just before Ash-Wednesday! Most of this was my fault, but my PO Box (also found on my donation page.) was shut down. That PO Box is now re-opened for donations or those who wish to write me to give or receive advice.

Please keep in mind that besides prayer for you,  my main commitment to you is to keep that VLX and CPX series going.   For Lent, I am giving up social-media, so I hope to be much better on snail-mail and emails back to you.

Fr. David Nix

PS Even though I do not take Mass stipends, there is a printed note on my altar at Holy Mass that reads: “I pray for all benefactors spiritual and material, as well as all listeners and readers, and all their family members living and dead.”