Three things today:

1. My PO Box went down but it is now back in business.   You can find it on my donate page.

2. Two unexpected diversions to my normal life of prayer was when a) a Catholic filmmaker invited several of us priests out for a super-charging retreat to his place in California…

Mel Gibson, myself and Fr. Jim Altman spent four days in Southern California at Mel’s place with a few other priests in January 2021.

…and b) after a wedding in Dallas I got to spend a morning (and later) an evening with Dr. Taylor Marshall:


3. Please note that even though I’ll be off Facebook, Twitter and Gab for Lent, my continued goal on podcasting, videos and writing is:

  • Monday:  Podcast/video
  • Tuesday:  Blog
  • Wednesday:  Podcast/video
  • Thursday:  Blog
  • Friday: Podcast/video

Finally, even though I do not take Mass stipends, there is a printed note on my altar at Holy Mass that reads: “I pray for all benefactors spiritual and material, as well as all listeners and readers, and all their family members living and dead.”