Why would a heretical priest like James Martin be ripping on the Traditional Latin Mass and the few ancient-believing Catholics who take the Gospel of Jesus Christ literally while his team of liberals have already successfully (and illegally) hijacked both the White House and the Vatican? Why would someone with an enormous social-media following like James Martin rip on the likes of Fr. Altman and Fr. Heilman and myself when our team is so small in number?

The answer is two fold:

First, because James Martin and his band of heretics know that even one candle will prevent his modernist darkness from spreading over the whole globe forever. A heretic like him knows that as long as one person holds the ancient Catholic Faith, it will never go out.  Secondly, deep inside a James-Martin-type-person knows that the truth of the Gospel can not change via a stolen Council or Conclave. I believe Truth eats away at his conscience.   We traditional Catholics always forget:  Everyone’s conscience is made in God’s image and likeness (until that conscience be fully shipwrecked, which his might be.)

Even if I am wrong about my above two suspicions, one thing I thankfully see on James Martin’s social-media feed is that his own would-be liberal converts are frequently too angry to enter the Catholic Church:

As his FB and Twitter replies above show, James Martins’ followers seem to have their consciences ratified in their decision to stay outside (or at odds) with the Catholic Church.  This ironically prevents their entrance into his own fake-magisterium!

Thus, it is the traditional Catholicism that is making converts that is already winning more souls. It may be an old liberal adage, but it is time that we traditional Catholics take it to heart: It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.