Here’s a situation relatively new to the past 50 years, but especially pronounced in the past year in the USA:  Liberals justify their sins in front of conservatives by demanding either the conservative ratify the liberal’s conscience (appeasement) or the liberal flips the tables and shames the conservative for implying anything shameful exists about the liberal’s life-decisions.

When a liberal injects appeasement or shame into the mind of any conservative who questions the left’s behavior, this seems very much to hurt the right.  But from a Christian point of view, it hurts the left.  Here’s why:  The left’s every sin demands appeasement and shame from the other (not himself) which necessarily prevents the repentance of the person on the left.  And repentance is the one thing necessary before believing in the Gospel of Forgiveness.  Indeed, the first public call from the mouth of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ was “Repent and believe.”

“Repent and believe” is a package deal.  You can’t have one without the other. So when a sinner injects appeasement or shame into the mind  of the other, he prevents his own repentance—and hence, prevents belief in Jesus Christ.   Our nation is becoming a nation of narcissists.  The psychological diagnosis of narcissism has much more to do with control than vanity.   The narcissist wants to control everyone because he can’t control his own life.  The narcissist accuses everyone of the very sins he commits.  In doing so, repentance is impossible.

The left makes themselves victims, but are they the victim?  It is they who flip the table in demanding a ratification of their own broken conscience (appeasement) and thrust shame on anyone who questions their disordered behavior.   Of course, there is only one way out for both the liberal and the conservative:  “Repent and believe.”  But repentance is easier for the conservative because everything the conservative does has shame heaped upon him, from not wearing a mask outside to voting for Trump.  Conservative parents are even shamed for the “sins” of denying children transgender surgeries.  But in these horrors of every day living, humility (whether genuine or simply forced upon them by diabolical narcissists) is psychologically (if not theologically) a shorter pathway to repentance for the conservative who is always told by the mainstream media how wrong he is.

For example, what is a worse sin in the mind of most Americans in 2021:  Being a “bi-sexual” or a Trump supporter?  I’m not being partisan or snarky.  I realize there are “bi-sexuals” who support Trump.  I realize Trump supports the C19-vaccine and I do not.  I realize those with same-sex attraction can be saved and that many Trump supporters may not be real Christians in their hearts.  So this isn’t a moral question as much as it is a very empirical look at the past year:   Was the “bi-sexual” or Trump supporter more shamed in 2020?  Of course, I can already hear the answer from the few liberals reading this blog post:  “Yes, Trump supporters were shamed in 2020 but that is because you deserve to be shamed!”  Fine…Just so we are all clear on who is being denied civil-liberties.

BLM protestors surround a woman in a DC cafe last year because she would not raise her fist.

Now in 2021, the conservative is frequently subject to public humiliation if he or she resists the totalitarian social-control all around us.   But it is not the conservative who is the victim of the satan here.  Ironically, it is still the liberal who is the victim of satan here.  Here’s why:  The liberal narcissists constant control of others and projection of his sins makes him fully incapable of repentance.  That is the nature of liberal narcissism and control.

Why am I writing this blog post?  It’s not to win rah-rah points from traditional Catholics.   I love liberals too much to let them off the hook of their own salvation to be tricked by satan into excuses for every sin they commit.  Or, if you don’t believe me and claim that sounds to pious and self-righteous, at least believe me on this:  Everyone on right and left alike must “repent and believe” to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.  But the left is making repentance very easy for the right in their rapid retreat from society amidst all these shaming accusations.