I received the below description from a Catholic family moving out of Portland, Oregon to go to another part of the country.  Their move is due to what they call “communism.” Before publication, I forwarded it to another friend (who also recently moved away from Portland) asking her if the below is an exaggeration.  She said no.  I post it with the family’s permission; I changed their names for safety.
We turn off phones before leaving the house if attending a larger gathering.  Not airplane mode… really off.  Andy says they track clusters.  They can also tell if you are social distancing with your phone.  Airplane mode still pings.

It’s a $1200 fine or 30 days in jail if you host any gathering over 6…including your family.  Our governor has asked neighbors to call police.

Communism from the ground here on west coast.

In parishes around [here]:  most lock the doors when Mass starts.  Our Church also draws all the blinds and has covered windows.  Ushers are now “bouncers.” (we have had people come in a take pictures while Mass was going on)  We have also had some of our parishioners accosted in the parking lot.  This is not just at our parish either…many stories about this.  Hence, why most lock their doors now.

We have a good large group of folks that still gather.  So, when we have a few families here, we have them drive into our backyard and park behind the hedges.  We also draw the blinds as evening approaches.

Samuel is hosting his Church guys book club on Sunday.  He has asked everyone to park spread out all over the street and not in front of his house or next to another car.  He has also offered to shuttle from the local grocery store parking lot (this happens a lot…our neighbors did this yesterday when they hosted a piano recital) Sam will also turn off his porch light so that neighbors cannot see anyone coming into his house.  He will host the book club downstairs in his basement, as he doesn’t want anyone to see any movement on the main floor.

My running park:  signs are posted on which way you must hike/run since March.  I break these rules, as you just don’t mess with a running route.  We also have had “park ambassadors” to remind us to wear our masks and social distance when on the trails.  Oh and have a nice day!  I have had folks yell at me for attempting to go the wrong way, and for not wearing my mask.  I turn up my headphones, can’t hear any of the b$#tching.

I kid you not.  This is what it is like.  Downtown Portland is a shell of what it used to be.  I hate it, because we love this city and it’s hard to see it totally wrecked.  The I-5 between Portland and Vancouver is just filled with homeless along the highway and graffiti is absolutely everywhere.

One good thing:  The kids see the communism, they see the total destruction of Portland. It does make you tough and really realize the dangers.  We don’t even have to preach.  They see it.

Ultimately…even besides covid hell, riots, communism and massive wildfires…we also want to move to get the kids and future grandchildren into a more moral environment.  The beginning of Live not by Lies, he talks about how totalitarianism takes hold.  The west coast has it all….atheist.  no children. Unlimited abortion.. Any kind of deviant behavior encouraged.  Drugs.  The weather is practically perfect and no bugs…nothing uncomfortable at all. A real pleasure island.  All of this results in loneliness and an absolute ideal atmosphere for soft totalitarianism.  Thats why the west coast rolled over so fast.  All it needed was a pandemic.