A Catholic civil attorney with whom I went to high school wrote this:

Dear Father Nix,

In light of the current events and controversies surrounding the current presidential election, I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly share with you my experiences with mail ballot voting. In my roll as a civil attorney, I have represented several parties who challenged elections due to irregularities with voting by mail ballot. These experiences have allowed me to gain some knowledge about voting by mail ballot and the numerous problems that go along with such a scheme.

It’s interesting to note that it is usually the Democrat Party that has pushed the voting by mail agenda in several states over the last few years. I will get back to that in a minute. In our state, voting is now done exclusively by mail ballot. Although you can drop off ballots at the clerk’s office, or mail them, the days of showing up to vote at a polling booth in person are now essentially over. This is a travesty and one that must be changed. Voting laws are different in every state, and I am not an expert in other state voting laws. But the general problems I outline below I think apply across the board.

Please also note, none of the problems I outline below have anything to do with dead people voting or people sitting in back rooms filling out blank ballots, although I concede that is a reality and a problem. The evils I highlight below are internal problems with the system itself, legally put in place by Democrats, often with the aid of Republicans. It’s a scheme of “systemic voting fraud”.

The first problem with mail ballot voting is that the election official (usually the county clerk) loses chain of custody of the ballot. Once the ballot is sent to the voter, the election officials have no idea what happens to it. It can be passed from person to person. Other individuals can fill out the ballot and no one would ever know. On the contrary, at in-person voting booths, the voter and that voter’s ballot NEVER leave the physical presence of the election official. The voter sees the ballot for the first time when he shows up to vote, fills it out in secret, and then leaves it behind with the election official to be counted.

The second problem with mail ballot voting is the election officials lose the ability to control the environment in which the ballot is completed. For example, at in-person polling booths, there are typically rules that prohibit electioneering within a certain amount of feet of the place where completing the ballot occurs. This is to prevent voter intimidation and influence by outside parties on the voter. With mail ballot voting, political parties, and agents of any organization for that matter, can stand next to you, over you, on top of you, or even fill out the ballot for you and there is nothing to stop it. Can you imagine having to fill out a ballot as a teacher with a union official standing in your doorway or even sitting at your kitchen table looking at you? This happens all the time. I have even seen voting parties, where union officials organize “get-togethers” where union members fill out ballots together at a party. These events may not be technically legal, but who is going to enforce the law when it comes to that? In-person poll booth voting simply eliminates such a possibility.

A third problem with mail ballot voting is ballot harvesting. This is where a third party or organization collects voted ballots and delivers them to the election official for counting. It’s called “harvesting” because these third parties will typically collect numerous ballots at once and then drop them off. Now, not only has the election official lost chain of custody of the ballot, but so has the voter! In almost every case, the ballot harvesters have a political agenda and want to collect ballots from people who they think are going to vote the right way to make sure the ballot gets counted. Again, the problem is neither the election official or the voter knows what happens to that ballot between leaving the hands of the voter and reaching the hands of the election official. The integrity of the election is placed in the hands of unregulated third-party political hacks with an agenda. I could also foresee what I call “reverse” ballot harvesting. Where ballot harvesters collect ballots from their political enemies (remember, they know who are registered Republicans because it is public record which party you belong to) and then trash the ballots once they are collected. There have been several stories where hundreds of Trump ballots have been discovered in the trash.

A fourth problem occurs once the voted ballot reaches the election official. Now, the ballot must be taken out of the envelope, registered as being returned, placed into an electronic counting machine and then stored in a safe location in the event it needs to be recounted. This process involves several steps and requires strict procedures to be put in place and enforced to maintain security—both physical and electronic security measures to prevent hacking. It has been my experience that election officials routinely block poll watchers from observing their actions with respect to this process. Barricades, police tape and chains are erected that renders poll watching essentially pointless. The actual election clerks are free to do what they want with the ballots and observers from political parties, which are permitted by law to be there precisely to ensure election integrity, are shut out of the process. This is one of the main problems with what is happening in Pennsylvania and why President Trump is filing a lawsuit there. His poll watchers were prevented from doing their job as required by law!

I have never personally seen what is being alleged in Michigan and Wisconsin with respect to late night ballot dumps. In my state, all ballots must be received by the election official by Election Day. There are no late-night drops of thousands of ballots at four o’clock in the morning. It seems clear based on the vote counts being made available, that massive amounts of Biden votes were counted in the wee morning hours after Election Day, of course without proper supervision or security checks. Remember, it’s not that counting of ballots after Election Day is a problem, it is that ballots were illegally received or post-marked after Election Day, and then counted.

To make matters worse, it is alleged that some election officials are changing rules such as which ballots will be accepted and which ones are rejected on the spot, as opposing to following preexisting rules and statutory law. This is a recipe for fraud and election disaster. Nothing is more poisonous to the rule of law than government bureaucrats changing the rules on the fly without oversight.

Having summarized just a few of the problems with mail ballot voting above, I can tell you it is almost always Democrat Party politicians who support and pass into law required mail ballot voting provisions. In some states, they can use mail ballots systems and public records to find out who has voted and who has not before the last day to submit the ballot on Election Day. Yes, they can track who has voted and who has not. Then, they send hired help (thugs) to intimidate voters to turn in their ballot, and “magnanimously” deliver that ballot to the election official for them. Democrats love mail ballot voting because they can take control of those ballots and the voters who are supposed to be voting those ballots and manipulate the process. That’s why President Trump warned the nation several months ago about laws being passed to require mail-only balloting. The Democrat response was typical—“that’s voter suppression!”

I also do not doubt the COVID-19 fake pandemic is very closely connected with mail-ballot voting. Democrats knew they needed a reason to push through drastic election law changes just before the election, such as mail only ballot voting, and this was just the excuse they needed. COVID was just what the doctor ordered when it came to conjuring up a reason to force all voting into a mail ballot system that could be manipulated and taken advantage of to destroy Republicans. This all seems to fit together in an overarching plan—likely a preternatural one.

The scripture verse from Matthew 10:16 keeps coming to mind: “Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.” American Catholics have to understand that we are dealing with both temporal and spiritual enemies, subservient to the Evil One, who are not afraid to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. For them, the end always justifies the means. We cannot sit back and do nothing, expecting agents of the devil to play by the rules, even though we may have been taught to play fair growing up. We cannot expect these people to act in good faith. We have to know what they are doing and why they are doing it and stop being naïve and effeminate when it comes to doing something about it. The good news—unlike so many other Republican politicians who routinely ignore evil if not openly cooperate with it—I do not think that is going to be a concern with President Trump.

~Marcus Veritas