Archbishop Fulton Sheen was thought crazy for constantly warning Americans that communism posed a real threat to the United States.  People wondered why a bishop should be so involved in politics.  But Archbishop Fulton Sheen knew that communism threatened the Christian fabric of America precisely because the official religion of Marxism was violent atheism.  The reason is simple:  No authority (including God) can compete with the tyranny that Marxism demands.

On 13 July 1917, Our Lady of Fatima said “I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart,” and if this were not done, “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”  What are the errors of Russia?  It’s not bad vodka or rotten potatoes.  The errors of Russia is Marxism, and this includes everything from anti-Christian teaching in public schools to women forced into the work force by the dissolution of the family to widespread sterilization, contraception and abortion.  Notice that the USA has all of these now.  Marxism doesn’t mean your officials have to wear green.  Again, we have all of this in the USA now.  (Clearly, Russia wasn’t accurately consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the bishops, as Mary requested.)

Archbishop Fulton Sheen never saw the fullness of communism arrive in the United States in his lifetime, but communism has finally arrived here in the United States.  It has arrived not in the form of a front for economic well-being, but rather health-well-being and race-well-being.   We have absolute mayhem in the streets and totalitarian control entering the homes and Churches.  But what is most astonishing about 2020 is that the technocratic communism (in the name of a very small virus with a very small case fatality rate) has not only suspended the rights of North Americans exclusively.  It has successfully stopped the entire planet!

Never in the history of the world have all six-continents been taken by a medical panic to the point of hand-washing obsession, rattling and ratting each other out for no masks (with no proven medical benefit) uncanny fear of death and finally even accusations of “racism” or “hatred” for anyone who will not go under what John Waters of Ireland recently called a “spell.”  Indeed, the mental madness that John Waters named in Ireland as a “spell” has spread in the most uncanny way to a panic on all six-continents.  This is unprecedented in world history, and nobody saw it coming (except maybe Fauci and Gates and whoever was in that Wuhan lab) in 2019.  Every place is in fear.  Every place is in lockdown.  Every place is talking racism.  (All except atheist Scandinavia, which, I guess satan didn’t need to attack with corona-brainwashing as he’s already got them where he wants them.)

But let’s go back 100 years:  Communism in Russia was enforced through physical and intellectual warfare in the 1920s.  Sixty years after that, the dissolution of communism happened only at the level of intellectual warfare, largely due to the courage and writing of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the 1970s. (Notice this took 60 years of over 100 million people dying under madmen red-regimes to make people who believed in freedom to wake up.)  In any case, on 12 Feb 1974, the Russian Alexander Solzhenitsyn both penned his famous short essay against communism’s oppression, Live Not By Lies and was arrested (and then exiled to West Germany) for his lack of subservience to the overlord state.   The courage of his intellectual work in writing Live Not By Lies was the crack in the dyke that eventually broke down the Marxist structure of the USSR and brought so  many Russians to desire freedom.

Today in the USA, many pro-life Catholics reading this right now might appreciate the courageous intellectualism of Solzhenitsyn as he was exiled from Russia for speaking in favor of freedom and against gulags.  But most of you (clergy and lay alike) will actually still support the closing of our Churches via the technocratic communist overlords precisely because they say so, and when they say we may open and not an instant before that.  The conclusion of subservience in dioceses obeying governors is based on two false premises 1. That a virus killing max 0.01% of Americans is a big deal.   and 2. That the State has sovereign decisions over a diocese. But there is another odd phenomenon happening:   Many non-traditional but conservative Catholics (clergy and lay alike) all over the globe think that if we keep kowtowing to the government on rumors of a virus and accusations of racism, the government and the left will eventually come around to leaving us alone.

They will not come around to leaving us alone.

Anyone who has read the history of Communism in Russia or understands Our Lady of Fatima’s warning about the “errors of Russia” is under the “spell” as John Waters calls it.   This fear of death in the name of coronavirus or fear of accusations of racism is something we Catholics have fully played into.  Even an elite leftist in America is smarter than the mildly-conservative American Catholic today:  The far left knows this has nothing to do with the virus or racism and everything to do with controlling the entire world.  And we Catholics think if we are “pastoral” by wearing the mask, closing our Churches or proffering examinations of conscience on racism, this might win a few to our team.

They will not come around to our team.

Two months ago, I had believed this was all about stopping Trump from being re-elected.  I still believe this is a main goal of the globalists, as Trump is the last standing peg against a New World Order leader who will enshrine a vaccine in the place of God.  But there are two problems with this now:

1) Trump has the military “totally involved” in a coronavirus vaccine.  On 15 May 2020 in the Rose Garden, Trump said his goal (these words are still found on the White House website!) was to “finish developing and then to manufacture and distribute a proven coronavirus vaccine as fast as possible. Again, we’d love to see if we could do it prior to the end of the year… We have the military totally involved.

2) The threats of the global vaccine being mandatory are not America-based, but global now.

The fact is that neither will the government leave us alone as we back down in obeying rules on Church, nor will government officials convert as they see us Catholics kowtow to their false premises in weakness.  (At least Muslims were much stronger in demanding their rights across the globe against the coronahoax.)  Even the liberal left knows that our “pastoral arguments” on whether or not police are racist hold no water anymore.  The die is cast and the technocratic communists are here.  The Churches are not opening up to full capacity any time soon, and I suspect:  Never.  So what should we do?   That nervous order (NO) doctrine and liturgy (which was a house built on sand in 1969) was easily blown down by a tiny virus in 2020.   I’m not going to lose any sleep over that one.

So, in Live Not By Lies 3, I will show the resolutions by which Alexander Solzhenitsyn began to intellectually crash oppressive regimes in the USSR. Notice that key word: intellectually.  We Catholics have played into the lies of coronavirus and racism to show how much we care about health and equality instead of questioning the very mendacious premises upon which these accusations are built.  Perhaps it is too late to save our country and dioceses from the technocratic communists (who have so much more courage than us!) but you can certainly still save your consciences and families.  And, then, maybe your country and dioceses.  We’ll see.   But for such a tall order we’ll have to not only stop kowtowing to the premises of the left, but we’ll have to grow a spine of steel like Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his friends did.