A Cuban grandmother recently wrote:  “Communism thrives on chaos, that’s why it’s always referred to as a ‘revolution.’ And that is what’s happening right now. It takes advantage of any situation to promote chaos.  We have a saying in Spanish ‘tira la piedra y esconde la mano’ translates ‘throw stones but hide your hand’ they organize the riot but do not show up for it, they convince people to destroy and loot but you will not find them in the video or the photos and if you ask the participants in the riot what is it all about they will not have an answer. Their goal is to create chaos always blaming it on any cause that suits their need. Sounds familiar?  It hates the police, it comes with its own always with different names. In Cuba it was the militia, Russia the KGB in Germany the Gestapo etc.”—Cuban refugee in Florida writing to her grandchildren, recently published in the World Tribune.

If Catholic clergy want to keep living a life of lies to pave the way for technocratic communism, all they need to do is continue saying things like, “To prevent our Churches from becoming centers of life-threatening sickness” or kowtow to admittedly-Marxist organizations like “Black Lives Matter” with exams of conscience on racism.

As evidenced by the statistics in my last blog post, the fatality rate of this virus is infinitesimally small compared to a real pandemic.   I studied biostatistics while pre-med and I have absolutely no doubt in saying this:   We are not shut down for health.  We are in a health theatre promoted by technocrat communists and big-Pharma all in order to use fear to lead to global control.

The French Revolution has taken place in a global manner, but not in the name of fraternity, equality and liberty.  It is upon us in the name of “health.”  I guarantee all my readers:  This “pandemic” is not going away until the government says so.  And the government has no plan on making it (or any future viruses) disappear.  Why?  Because the amount of control a group of liberal totalitarian globalists have obtained is not going to be relinquished soon.  I guarantee you there is no end to this “pandemic.”  As Gates himself said, “we’re not ready for the next epidemic.”(Translation:  “Get ready for more of my Wuhan bugs and Fauci’s global lockdowns.)

A priest’s response to a bishop on Twitter:

Yes, sadly, all dioceses across the globe collapsed before the government’s health-theatre and outrageous demands without the slightest fight.  The clergy bought all the overblown lies of the mainstream media on a virus with a fatality rate equal to a seasonal flu.  It was easier to obey the government.  At least for now.

But it will get even harder on the hierarchy for having capitulated in the beginning. We whined that abortion centers got to stay open while Churches closed.  We whined and whined and did nothing.  Now at least one Archdiocese says they’re “not fully opening until there is a vaccine.”  In that, we have entirely played into the pro-death game of Soros, Gates and Fauci who simply want a vaccine not to save our lives but for one goal that they have more or less made public:   De-populate a large part of the planet.

You think this is conspiracy theory?  Gates admits he has goals for population control of the whole world.  And the bishops of the world are waiting for his death-vaccine to open up their Churches?  I simply could not have written a more pro-death and anti-poor narrative for the laity to believe of their capitulating hierarchy if I had tried in a novel of dystopian exaggerated fiction.

Until that goal of de-populating the undesirables of the world is met, this is “the new normal” which 99.8% of  Catholic clergy have played in to.  Perhaps dioceses believed that either that either Covid was more deadly than the Black Death and/or if the hierarchy obeys the government, the government will eventually leave the Catholic Church alone.  They will not leave us alone.  Thus, this is the one thing that liberals say that is true:  This is the new normal.

Find a way to live your faith in Babylon.   The Churches are not opening soon.  But vaccine tents run by the military are indeed going to be opening soon.  President Trump himself said so.

Here is a short video I did on “Police, BLM, Marxism and Fatima.”  If you’re reading this blog on a computer, you’ll have to unmute the video (bottom left:)