As I mentioned in my last blog post, on 12 Feb 1974, the Russian Alexander Solzhenitsyn both penned his famous short essay against communism’s oppression, Live Not By Lies and was arrested (and then exiled to West Germany) for his lack of subservience to the communist government of the USSR.   His courage and his intellectual work in writing Live Not By Lies was the crack in the dyke that eventually broke down the communist structure of the USSR and brought so  many Russians to desire—and later fight for—freedom.

The above link from a Russian Orthodox website lists the resolutions Alexander Solzhenitsyn took in order never to capitulate to the lies of the state:

  • Will not henceforth write, sign, or print in any way a single phrase which in his opinion distorts the truth.
  • Will utter such a phrase neither in private conversation not in the presence of many people, neither on his own behalf not at the prompting of someone else, either in the role of agitator, teacher, educator, not in a theatrical role.
  • Will not depict, foster or broadcast a single idea which he can only see is false or a distortion of the truth whether it be in painting, sculpture, photography, technical science, or music.
  • Will not cite out of context, either orally or written, a single quotation so as to please someone, to feather his own nest, to achieve success in his work, if he does not share completely the idea which is quoted, or if it does not accurately reflect the matter at issue.
  • Will not allow himself to be compelled to attend demonstrations or meetings if they are contrary to his desire or will, will neither take into hand not raise into the air a poster or slogan which he does not completely accept.
  • Will not raise his hand to vote for a proposal with which he does not sincerely sympathize, will vote neither openly nor secretly for a person whom he considers unworthy or of doubtful abilities.
  • Will not allow himself to be dragged to a meeting where there can be expected a forced or distorted discussion of a question. Will immediately talk out of a meeting, session, lecture, performance or film showing if he hears a speaker tell lies, or purvey ideological nonsense or shameless propaganda.
  • Will not subscribe to or buy a newspaper or magazine in which information is distorted and primary facts are concealed. Of course we have not listed all of the possible and necessary deviations from falsehood. But a person who purifies himself will easily distinguish other instances with his purified outlook.

What does this have to do with the current state of the United States and the title of this blog on “false science”?   I explain our issues of conscience coming upon every American in a short video I put on Twitter via Periscope today at the large Planned Parenthood in Denver.  (Unmute is on the bottom right of some screens):