The featured image above is the blood of martyrs splattered in an Easter bombing this year (2019) in Sri Lanka.  The Gospels hold that for Christ to return in glory, the Church must first suffer a great persecution and an unprecedented apostasy.  Many great saints hold that a physical persecution will also be accompanied by a spiritual persecution that will be unlike even the first years of the Church.  Whereas the early Christians were battling torture instruments, the final Christians would be battling the great apostasy, perhaps within the Church.  Did not Padre Pio himself say that there were no demons left in hell?

In these California fires, you may be able to see one demon commanding another if you look at it like I do.

Recently a heretical man on Twitter wrote against me: “I don’t see anything coming out of Rome that concerns me nearly as much as the disobedience and scandalmongering coming from the U.S.” That an accusation of “disobedience” would come against me from an openly perverted Catholic online caused a friend on the phone to laugh out loud.  We laughed that we are all caught in days in the Church when a layman flying the gay flag on his Twitter handle can claim a priest who is trying his best to think and preach like the Apostles lives “disobedience.”  (By the way, I very much support those who have lived lives of same-sex attraction and who are now living chastity as seen in these videos I made with Joseph Sciambra here and here.)

Now that open idolatry has made it to the Vatican (where people were literally bowing down to idols made by the hands of men) a few traditional Catholics online have felt so abandoned by the hierarchy that they have actually blasphemed Our Lord.  Other traditional Catholics are a lot smarter:  They have taken great refuge in the fact that Our Lady of Fatima [probably] warned us in the hidden section of the third secret that a great Apostasy from the top would take place if no Pope consecrated Russia.  Why is this of comfort?

Because heaven tried to warn us of an apostasy from the top, down! If this speculation is true, then it is highly likely that those who are following the apostasy within the Church would accuse the remnant of believers in Divine Revelation of “disobedience” for holding to a Divine Revelation which has been trashed for decades.  Here’s an excellent thread of how to keep the faith without being shocked at the idols coming out of 50 years of ecumenism.  If you have Twitter, try to read all six tweets:

But what about the interior life in a time of great heresy?  This is where Our Lady of Good Success comes in.  In a Vatican approved apparition of the 16th century, the Mother of God appeared to a Spanish nun living in Quito, Ecuador.  Many of my readers know a lot about this apparition, but few people know of this extraordinary line that Mary said in description of a coming heresy in the 20th century. (Yes, the Mother of God literally named the 20th century as the time of heresy within the Church in this Vatican approved apparition from the 16th century.)  Mary said several things, but the most interesting I find to be is this:

Los hombres libres de la esclavitud de esas herejías, aquellos a quienes el amor misericordioso de Mi Hijo Santísimo destinará para la restauración, tendrán una gran fuerza de voluntad, constancia, valor y mucha confianza en Dios. Para probar esta fe y la confianza de los justos, habrá ocasiones en las que todo parecerá estar perdido y paralizado. Esto, entonces, será el feliz comienzo de la restauración completa.

My translation: “The freemen from the slavery of these heresies, those who the merciful love of my most Holy Son will destine for the restoration will have a great strength of will, constancy, valor and much trust in God.  To test this faith and the trust of the just, there will be times when it will seem all is lost and paralyzed.  This then, will be the beginning of the complete restoration.”

Let’s dissect that a bit with Mary’s words in bold italics and my relatively unimportant commentary in normal font…

The beginning of the complete restoration:  Notice that “restoration” is the same word in Spanish that Mary spoke to Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.  Restoration is not revolution or even renewal.  Restoration from the 16th century looking forward to the 20th century and beyond means that something will have been lost that will be returned to the Church.

The freemen from the slavery of these heresies [are] destine[d] for the restoration:  Those who stay free from the heresies of the 20th century will precisely be the ones chosen for the restoration of the Catholic Church.  (Yes, this is a Vatican-approved apparition!)  And this is why you should not leave the Catholic Church in blasphemy or rebellion.  We need those who recognize the garbage happening to stick around for the restoration.

When it will seem all is lost and paralyzed...This then, will be the beginning of the complete restoration.  Notice that only when all seems lost and paralyzed in the Catholic Church (paralizado in the original Spanish) can we expect the complete restoration of the Church.  Again, this is a Vatican approved apparition even though it is often hijacked by sedevacantists.

To test this faith and the trust of the just:  Notice that the word in Spanish “to test” as in “to test this faith and the trust of the just” is probar, which is where we get the word probation.  The early Christians also described their martyrdoms as testing in fire to purify them.  Guarding Apostolic Catholicism and standing up against apostasy is precisely what will purify the remnant in the 21st century.

We must avoid being interiorly scandalized if heaven tried to warn us that enemies of Christ would try to infiltrate and replace Divine Revelation with satanic worship (literally satanic worship as we explained in our last podcast here.)  But what about exterior scandal?  What about when people like me are accused of “scandalmongering” when opposing the auto-destruction of the Catholic Faith?  How do we answer those people? I explained in this blog post called Priestly Obedience, most accusations of disobedience coming to Apostolic Catholics like Radical Catholic or myself are due to heretics crossing wires in their brain of these “wires” of obedience:

Divine Law ➡️ to Scripture and Magisterium

Ecclesial Law ➡️ to Pope (all Popes of history, really)

Particular Law ➡️ to local Bishop

The freemen from the slavery of these heresies, those who the merciful love of my most Holy Son will destine for the restoration will have a great strength of will, constancy, valor and much trust in God.  So, the final words of Our Lady show us how to live true obedience, namely, that to not cross wires between obedience to Divine Law in matters of Scripture and the Magisterium when all call us “disobedient” and “scandalmongers” we must live the virtues of great strength of will, constancy, valor and much trust in God.

Notice that the virtues needed to be saved in the 20th and 21st century look nothing like an excessive meekness to the point of being a good Catholic doormat.  Our Lady (in a Vatican approved apparition) showed us that to be Catholic in days such as ours, the only way to be saved would be to fully profess Jesus Christ and Apostolic Catholicism in a manner so unabashed that every virtue extols the gift of fortitude of the Holy Spirit: A great strength of will, constancy, valor and much trust in God.

Please pray a Hail Mary for me now, that I may live those four virtues out, even when called “disobedient” by those promoting sodomy and other sins not compatible with Apostolic Catholicism.