29 10, 2019

RomeCast 21: Is Pachamama in the Old Testament?

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On today's podcast, I discuss my trip to Rome just outside the Amazon Synod. Andromeda discusses her work for the University of California, Berkeley in the Near East department's URUK Research Team.  We discuss the fertility demonesses of Mesopotamia and South America that may or may not have shown up at the Amazon Synod.

26 10, 2019

Transpontina: Why Would God Let This Happen?

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Most Catholics know that the Vatican placed in the Roman Church Santa Maria Transpontina (St. Mary's Across the River) a display  of indigenous costumes for the "Amazon Synod" this month (October 2019.)  This transformed the beautiful and ancient Church of Our Lady into a kitschy display jungle items and pagan rituals.  The first problem with this is a violation of the First Commandment.  The second problem with this is that it is racist:  A  white liberal hierarchy imposed paganism on indigenous peoples of Brazil.  I know this to be a political (or diabolical) move because the native people of Brazil do not promote such rituals in their Catholic Churches.  (As [...]

19 10, 2019

How Ascetical Theology Brought Christ to the World

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I have been haunted for two and a half years by this "Fr. Z" blog post  that shows how American Catholics fasted for lent in the 19th century: DIOCESE OF NEWARK.  (1873) REGULATIONS FOR LENT: Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, will fall on the twenty-sixth day of February. 1. Every day during Lent except Sunday, is a day of fast on one meal, which should no be taken before mid-day, with the allowance of a moderate collation in the evening. 2. The precept of fasting implies also that of abstinence from the use of flesh meat, but by dispensation, the use of flesh meat is allowed in this [...]

10 10, 2019

Science and Religion Part 2: The Superstition of Those Who Reject Religion

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In my last blog post, I explained how important it is for science to be concerned with the object (objective truth) more than the subject (subjective truth.) Strangely, many people in the West who reject Christianity now also reject science.  They put on their cars and on their lawns a new secular creed called the "Sign of Justice."  Let's examine their claims from a scientific (not religious) point of view: Sign of Justice: "Black Lives Matter." (See picture above) Assertion: Those who do not support "Black Lives Matter" are racists. Historical Reality: Black Lives Matter was created by George Soros to use blacks as pawns to cause civil unrest in the United [...]

10 10, 2019

University Talk on the Saints

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Today’s talk was given at a Catholic University in California to incoming freshmen who are studying movie production and movie directing.  The thrust of the talk is that to make inspirational Catholic movies, you must live an inspirational life.  Time stamp 0-23 min is the talk.  23' to 32' is Q/A with University students.      

3 10, 2019

“Catholic Feminism” and Divorce

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Today's podcast is with two young grandmothers, one of whom's parents are divorced. We discuss if "Catholic feminism" is possible, as well as what it means to carry the cross in a Catholic culture full of easy annulments. The closed Facebook groups for adult children of divorce mentioned by my guests are found here.

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