29 08, 2017

Annulments Sermon

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This sermon is about the beauty of marriage by way of the pain of annulments, and it is sure to be controversial. It might sound excessively traditional, but it is based on a key line that I forgot to quote from Pope John Paul II. He said that for a declaration of nullity to be granted, run-of-the-mill difficulties in marriage were not sufficient, but rather, "real incapacity is to be considered [for an annulment analysis] only when an anomaly of a serious nature is present"—Pope John Paul II's exhortation on Canon 1095, written on 25 February 1987. One example of "an anomaly of a serious nature" would be the couple's [...]

28 08, 2017

The Conversion of Gloria Polo

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On the 5th of May 1995, Gloria Polo, a dentist and mother, was struck by lightning just outside the University of Bogotá, Columbia. She died shortly afterwards in the trauma unit. She went before God and her sentence was hell. God gave her another chance, and this is the account she has given to millions of South Americans with the approbation of the South American Bishops.  You will see while reading this rather-long but worthwhile blogpost why she was given another chance by God. Although not a word of this blog post is mine, it is the most important blog post I have ever produced. This is Gloria Polo’s conversion [...]

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