30 11, 2016

Were the Apostles Buffoons before Pentecost?

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I must admit that there is something attractive and even accurate to the thesis that the Apostles were buffoons before they had the full transformation that happened at Pentecost.  First, Mother Angelica points out that they never seemed to catch anything on their own even as fishermen!  "Jesus chose a bunch of stinky fishermen" she reminds us as to why God chose someone like her to be a cloistered-evangelist to the nations in founding EWTN. We have Christ's disciples' obvious sins, like Peter's threefold denial of Jesus.  And yet, after the Resurrection, Jesus does not say "Peter, about denying me three nights ago...You can still remain my disciple, but I'm going to have [...]

20 11, 2016

The Last Sunday and the Last Day on Earth

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This podcast is not based on private revelation but rather the things that the Bible and the Catechism say must come at the end of time:  The Great Tribulation and Apostasy, the Anti-Christ versus the Restrainer.   At the final end we see the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Final Judgment, the destruction of earth and the Resurrection of the Body.  Finally, we will see the New Heavens and the New Earth.  

5 11, 2016

Why Did Jesus Really Have to Die For Us?

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Why did Jesus really have to die for us?  Many Catholics with a PhD in theology would not be able to say more than a 9 year old:  "To die for our sins."  We look to St. Catherine of Siena for an explanation that is simple enough for a child, but complex enough to [hopefully] satisfy the 12 families who gathered in Louisiana to hear about this central tenant of Our Faith.  

3 11, 2016

Henry Thomistic Swamp Theology

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Creation and Redemption and the Bayou.  Henry Thomas gives us some classic but modern Thomistic Theology on gaining wisdom in spiritual warfare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUlPgIGVUs0

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