On my way to Asia I have a stop over in Washington DC to visit friends.  I used to live out here, but driving on the beltway today, I thought of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  I did a little research, and it turns out that it contains the names of 58,272 fallen American soldiers.  I wondered how an Abortion Memorial Wall would appear in our nation’s Capital, considering we now have 57,000,000 “fallen” babies.  It turns out that, if such a wall were the same height as the Vietnam Memorial Wall (10 feet and 3 inches high), the Abortion Memorial Wall would be 91 miles long, which means that it would more than circle the entire D.C Beltway.  As you probably know, I-495 encircles the whole District, and parts of Virginia and Baltimore.

Up to 3,500,000,000 children have additionally died from the Pill’s chemical abortifacient effects.  If we made a wall for all these children, the Abortion Memorial Wall would go around the Beltway 87 times.

More than just mind-dulling numbers, we need to remember that every man and woman on that Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was made in God’s image and likeness, was unique.  God had a plan for each one of them.  So also, these children who died contained a unique genetic plan and life-plan from God, unique as each name on the wall.