Will the Antichrist Work Real-Miracles or Fake-Miracles?

For false-christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.—St. Matthew 24:24 Will the false prophets towards the end of the world be working real miracles or false miracles?  Our Lord says they will certainly appear to be "signs and wonders" performed by the enemies of His Kingdom.  But they will not be actual miracles.  They will be closer to magic than miracles.  We will consider the Old Testament and St. Thomas Aquinas to see why magic is not the same as miracles. When God asked Moses to free His people from the slavery of the Egyptians, Moses works many miracles to convince Pharaoh to "Let my people go" presumably so God did not have to strike down the first born of Egypt during the first Passover. [...]

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Letter from a Notre Dame Grad to His Alma

From Padre: I'm a Boston College grad and my alma is obviously the rival of Notre Dame.   But one of my closest friends is named Shane who graduated ND just before I graduated BC in 2000. Below is his witty reply to an initial reply regarding his concern about the upcoming Drag Queen show at ND.  Shane allows for much more leeway on academic freedom than I would, but his reply also has the bite of a Neil McCaffrey Sr. from the 1980s: [Dear ND Lady,] Actually, that's funny because when Billy Joel was banned from performing [at Notre Dame], I believe he was later brought in to perform in a "seminar" Ah ha! It became educational!  Many souls were saved! We laughed at the sophistry of it. But we mostly laughed because 8000 bodies full of hormones were [...]

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“Your Commandments Are Weapons.”—St. Augustine

We are in a very interesting time in Church history when some Catholics have a great desire to recognize the spiritual warfare into which they have been born. Yet, other Catholics seem interested in legalistic loopholes about how everyone (including themselves) has no responsibility towards their salvation. They hold this because the erroneously believe that either everyone is saved -or- anyone who can prove reduced-culpability or invincible-ignorance is thereby saved. There might even be overlap between these two groups! In other words, there may be Catholics doing binding prayers against demons who are at the same time looking for excuses not to keep the Commandments. But Our Lord Jesus said "If you love me, you will keep my commandments." (Si diligitis me, mandata mea servate.—St. John 14:15.) Do we see that invitation as merely transactional or as the fulness of [...]

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What is the Third-Secret of Fatima?

What is the Third Secret of Fatima?  The full Third Secret has not been released by the Vatican, but even many moderate Catholics today know it's more than the shooting of Pope John Paul II or a LARPing tale of future-crossbows on a Vatican hill.  Last week, I blogged here on Malachi Martin regarding the Jesuits, so I decided to quote him on Fatima today, too.  Although I have seen Martin's quotes in more places than one, they are nicely compiled in one spot by Gloria TV.  So, I simply reproduce their article here: Father Malachi Martin (reader of the Third Secret of Fatima) Interview with Bernard Janzen 1992, The Kingdom of Darkness: Janzen: In our discussion earlier you just touched on the subject of Satan's assault on the papacy. Perhaps we could have a brief discussion about that. Martin: [...]

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QuickPod: The Urgency of the Pro-Life Movement

The subtitle of this talk is: "A pro-lifer's C+ for God is better than an abortion doctor's A+ for Satan."  It's a talk I gave at the Trump Miami Hotel this weekend at a pro-life gala for a Crisis Pregnancy Center on why we must "Just Do It" in pro-life decisions while avoiding perfectionism. https://youtu.be/T6wcPL_8pbw?si=Kw-rlMcSu85olHNO

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Is Fr. Jim Altman a Sedevacantist?

A sedevacantist is defined as a Catholic who believes there has not been a valid Pope since 1958.  Fr. Jim Altman is not a sedevacantist.  I know Fr. Altman in real life.  We have mutual friends who are sedevacantists and we admire them, but we are not in that camp. To recap:  Sedevacantist in Latin means empty-chair.  Sedevacantist in English means one who believes no valid Pope since 1958 due to modernist heresies in them. If you were speaking exclusively Latin, you could accurately call Fr. Altman "a sedevacantist" due to his recent video on the papacy.  But while speaking English, it would be entirely dishonest and a false-accusation to call Fr. Altman "a sedevacantist" because of his recently-explained stance on the Chair of Peter. Why isn't it sufficient to imply the Latin for sedevacantist when speaking English? Because we [...]

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The Infiltration of the Jesuits

Recently I have been finding myself wondering a lot where the cracks came in the Catholic Faith before Vatican II. The Jesuits are generally held as the thermostat—not the thermometer—for the Catholic Church at large (for better or for worse.) So, back when the Jesuits were orthodox, where did the cracks in their faith first appear? The Jesuits by the late Fr. Malachi Martin SJ answers this. As I read his 1986 production The Jesuits, I discover that his book is a worthy predecessor of Dr. Taylor Marshall's 2019 book Infiltration.  That is, what started happening slowly within the Jesuits a little after 1850 is exactly what Marshall says happened to the Catholic Church at large, also a bit before Vatican II. Let's look at some of the reasons which corroded the greatest religious order in the Church.  First, there [...]

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