Pro-Life Martyr Jim Pouillon

Even the Wikipedia page for Jim Pouillon reads that "the murder of Jim Pouillon occurred on September 11, 2009... Pouillon was killed while protesting against abortion in front of Owosso High School in Owosso, Michigan."  The man who killed Pouillon is named Harlan James Drake.  That same day, he shot a businessman named Michael Fuoss at a different location.  Fuoss was also killed.  May God rest his soul. Because the two events were unrelated, and because the second shooting had nothing to do with the abortion debate, one might argue that Pouillon just happened to be at "the wrong place at the wrong time," namely, in front of an abortion center.  Furthermore, I do not know if Pouillon died a Catholic.  To be a martyr, one must die in odium fidei.  To die in odium fidei means to die "in hatred of the [...]

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Why Murder of an Unborn Child May Be Worse than Murder of An Adult

Here's four ways abortion is possibly worse than the murder of an adult: 1. The level of innocence. I am not saying any babies are conceived without original sin. I'm simply saying they have no actual sin on their hands at the moment of their slaughter, unlike adult victims of homicide. 2. Abortion is a bloody sacrifice to demons as a mockery of the Mass.  The Mass is an unbloody sacrifice to God. 3. Every abortion drags a dozen people to hell, regardless of where that baby goes (heaven, or much more likely—limbo.) 4. By the sheer number of these murders, chaos is introduced into a society and demons' power increases. Remember, there doesn't have to be an “end game” to demons promoting  abortion, except the fact their destruction (and humans cooperating with it) is a direct affront to God, [...]

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Balancing Self-Confidence with Humility

One of the things I find fascinating about Special Forces guys in the US Military is that they are usually soft-spoken.  One of the things I find fascinating about fully-certifiable narcissists is that they are always the opposite:  Whereas narcissists frequently speak about themselves in a self-centered manner, they secretly have extremely low self-confidence. So, what is the relationship between self-confidence and humility?  The pious answer goes like this:  "One should have confidence in God, not oneself."  While this is true, it does not take into consideration the difficult balance that St. Thomas Aquinas makes between magnanimity and humility.  In the Second Part of the Second Part his Summa Theologiae, St. Thomas Aquinas writes: Pride is the "inordinate desire of one's own excellence."—Q 162. “Magnanimity urges the mind to great things in accord with right reason. Hence it is clear that magnanimity [...]

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Advice to Young Courting Catholics

If you want to marry someone, you need to have more than just the "checklists" covered of orthodoxy and wanting-lots-of-kids.  You actually need to be in love (at least somewhat!) with someone of the opposite sex.  And they should be (somewhat!) in love with you.  You only got one shot at this, and you really don't want an annulment.  Go slowly and deliberately in courting.  Marry someone you love, but don't look for someone who is perfect, for perfect people don't exist.  Yes, the checklist should exist as far as being a traditional Catholic, but there has to be some "chemistry" with the other person.  So, don't "settle" for a loser, because it's better to be an old-maid or an old-bachelor than to marry the wrong person. You should only attempt to court another Catholic who is equally-yoked theologically.  If [...]

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Movie Review: “What is a Woman?”

The Basics: What is a Woman? is a documentary done by Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire. Matt travels the world to ask "What is a woman?" precisely to catch Western society in their contradiction of simultaneously fighting for "women's rights" while refraining from defining a woman because of limitations of "gender fluidity."  The only common sense answers comes from a Maasai tribe in Kenya and at the end of the movie, Matt's wife. Negatives: The only negatives in this movie is the immodesty. The first half of the movie has some immodestly dressed women. The last quarter of the movie has some very disturbing TikTok images of teen girls showing their mutilated chests after what is called "top surgery."  (But this was permitted by TikTok long before Matt Walsh revealed it.)  Also, Walsh interviews some naked men in San [...]

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