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Tax-Deductible checks can be made to:
Peregrino Hermitage Ltd.

PO Box 87

Watkins, CO 80137



email: fathernix [AT]

Important notes:

  • I can travel to bring baptism, confession, and occasional High-Masses like weddings. If a person is truly in danger of death, I will travel to bring extreme-unction. I take NO MONEY for any sacrament, EVER.
  • I can offer one Mass for your intentions, but this will happen at a Mass with many other major-intentions. Partly because I have many Mass requests every day, I take no money for Mass intentions. Both donors and non-donors can send prayer-requests to me.
  • This goes for snail mail, too: Please do not send Mass-requests with checks. Since I don’t receive Mass stipends, I will unfortunately have to shred a check if it appears attached to a Mass-request.
  • You can now donate to me to me using if your bank uses Zelle. Zelle takes no “cut” from your donation like Continue to Give (See above.) The only disadvantage is that if you donate to me using Zelle, it goes straight to me, not my charity. So, there’s no tax-kickbacks at the end of the year. Just search my email address at the above link. My email is fathernix [AT] (Neither your email nor your snail-mail address is shared with me when you donate on Zelle—only your first and last name to me on email. So, while I’ll thank God for you, I won’t be able to thank you directly when you donate to me on Zelle.)
  • Sorry, but as to low-Masses, I only offer Mass alone in my hermitage. I have invitations from small groups to bring low-Mass across the country, and even the world now. If I said “yes” to each one, I would have to abandon my life of prayer, teaching and pro-life street evangelization. I need to leave that sacramental life to the parish priests, at least until the TLM is fully “underground.” As the first bullet point above says, I can travel to bring baptism, confession, occasional High-Mass (like weddings) and extreme unction (if a person is truly in danger of death within 100 miles of where I am.)
  • I am now attempting to reply to all emails, but I’m a bit slow. So, please have patience with me and keep them short. Email is above.
  • Anyone with my cell can text me prayer requests whether you donate or not. Ladies, please include your husbands on all threads (group texts with all three cell numbers.) Anyone can also email me prayer requests at the above address with no need to donate, of course!
  • As mentioned above, Continue to Give should generate automatic tax-deductible receipts for all above donations.
  • I must raise my own salary. I get health insurance from my Archdiocese, but I am financially responsible for my own room and board as well as all ministry expenses which come from you for me to continue my online teaching and pro-life and street ministry as well as occasional sacramental travels.

Dear Friends and Readers,

Ave Maria! As many of you know, I am a diocesan priest hermit. Having an approved rule-of-life with active apostolate makes me somewhat of a “monk missionary.” For this work, I now run a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charity. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to donate to my life as a traditional Catholic priest:

  • I will continue praying Holy Mass and the Divine Office. I will be praying several hours a day for the restoration of the Catholic Church and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • I am able to keep my site and channels ad-free and without “premium” or “patreon” subscriptions because of donors like you.
  • My blog gets about 1 million reads a year and my podcasts/channel have about 1 million listens a year.
  • Having having heard thousands of confessions in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese on five continents, my monk-missionary life now takes a turn more for online evangelization in many languages, especially the new EIX series on my YouTube channel.
  • I hand out Miraculous Medals to strangers on the streets. I hope to be something of an urban “monk-missionary” as I now have a habit in which I will pray and walk.
  • My pro-life work continues most weeks in front of a large abortion center.
  • In a time when many Catholics are wary of CCHD-tied giving, all donations goes to room, board and ministry expenses (as well as a salary of only $2,000 a month to me.)
  • See Life section of this blog to follow life updates.

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. David Nix