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25 07, 2023

QuickPod: The Opposite of Prepping

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Baptism is the only sacrament absolutely necessary to salvation. If you were put in a gulag for thought crimes against wokeness, would you be able to live without the sacraments? Many saints had to do just that, just like St. Maximilian Kolbe. Of course, I hope we all have the sacraments up to and including our own death beds. But if not, we need to practice living in sanctifying grace for the rest of our lives, even if we were to never meet another priest again.

19 07, 2023

TCE 49: The Truth About Trafficking

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With "Sound of Freedom" now released, many people are excited to join the anti-trafficking movement. Here's some of the obstacles and miracles to expect in the long haul. Links: - Agape Int'l: - Trafficked by her Dad: - Avodah collective recovery home: - Catholic Charities *themselves* found trafficking: - Trafficking hotline:  

6 07, 2023

My Life as a Priest: An Interview

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A high-school buddy of mine, Marc, has converted and become a traditional Catholic. Marc is a civil attorney.  On the side, he runs a Catholic website called and a YouTube channel (linked below.) In his interview of me, he asks me about my life as a hermit (or monk-missionary, more practically) and how I became a traditional priest after being raised a progressive Catholic.

26 06, 2023

VLX Special: Recorded at Loyola, Spain

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I was in Loyola, Basque country. At the location of the birth and conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I explain to our 80 American pilgrims the way of St. Ignatius’ prayer and discernment. This was the instructions on the interior life that captured the heart and mind of millions, including St. Francis Xavier, the dear friend of St. Ignatius.

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