I went out with a Filipino friend for Korean dumplings today and our server was a 30-year-old woman who barely spoke English. I gave her a Miraculous Medal (with a chain on it, of course) and explained that it was Mary the mother of Jesus, and Jesus promises lots of graces for anyone who wears it. She happily accepted it and she told me she was a Catholic. I asked if she was a Korean (thinking that, since there are lots of Korean Catholics and because we were in a Korean restaurant.) She told me she was Mongolian. Now, I’ve met Catholics from all over the world, but this truly blew my mind, because for anyone who has traveled, we know that there are barely any Mongolian Catholics. I honestly thought I would die before I met a Mongolian Catholic. I asked her how many Catholics there were in Mongolia and she guessed about 20. Not 20,000. She meant 20. She explained to me how she was baptized last year here in the United States. This was everything I needed to see that people are still coming into the Catholic Church despite all the horrible news from the top.  Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.—Rom 5:20.

Edit:  A reader informed me that Google or Wikipedia holds there are actually 3,000 Mongolian Catholics, but these might be ex-pats. Or our server may have misunderstood my question. Either way, the number of Mongolian Catholics is extremely low considering there are 4.5B people in Asia.