I blogged here a couple weeks ago about attending a conference with the Coalition for Canceled Priests.  There, I met Fr. Richard Heilman (with whom I am in a photo at the top of that blog post.)  Many of you saw today that he was put under a disciplinary action by his bishop for weighing in on “the electoral political realm.”  I assume that means he questioned the validity of the last Presidential election in 2020.  As I wrote on my Facebook profile: “Notice that at least 3 conservative Wisconsin priests, Fr. Z and Fr. Altman and Fr. Heilman are all in trouble for supporting Trump, not for supporting the TLM (even though they all know the TLM.) That shows how the deep-Church is truly in bed with the deep-State. And how desperate the leftists are to insist that the last Conclave and election were valid.  The lady doth protest too much.”

Very rarely any more—but occasionally—I still ask myself if I’m on the correct side of Church-history and American-history with how divided things are and how much is at-stake.  And then I remember that the only way that our enemies on the left attack our friends on the right is through lying, deceit, subterfuge and manipulation.  Every. single. time.  If there were an equal amount of lying going on between right-and-left, I might think that people like Fr. Hunt or myself just misinterpreted the call to obedience or the hermeneutic of continuity or even patriotism.  Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect, for I go to confession twice a week.  But I’m not a habitual liar. Point is: If we parishless-priests were corrupt, there would be no need to lie in order to end us.

One small proof of dishonesty is that the complainers-to-the-left always enjoy total-anonymity, whereas we priests-on-the-right never enjoy such rights.  As to the “disciplinary decree” written against Fr. Heilman, it claims that he blabbed too much on social media about “the electoral political realm” (such a piddly accusation when we know of enormous issues like priests molesting children.) But the complainers on those piddly topics amazingly get to remain secret “to protect the good reputation of the involved parties.” Notice that these dioceses never reveal the names of the leftists complaining so as “to protect the good reputation of the involved parties,” and yet the chanceries always reveal the names of the people on the right getting cancelled or disciplined.

I had a meeting with my diocese and canon lawyer for just such piddly topics and accusations last week. It was the first time in a long time I got to hear the name of one of my whiny complainers (this time a grandiose-narcissist “traditional priest” whose long, psycho emails I stopped reading months ago.)

There’s a lot of mirroring happening in Church and State.  Today, in DC, a jury convicted Steve Bannon (also a conservative Catholic) under two charges of contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena from the January 6 Select Committee.  Following that kangaroo court, Bannon declared, “I only have one disappointment and that is the gutless members of that show trial committee, the J6 committee, didn’t have the guts to come down here and testify in open court.”  Again, notice that the left always gets to hide.  Pro-baby-genocide “Catholic” Joe Biden goes on receiving Holy Communion under Cdl. Wilton Gregory in Washington DC.  But those who attend the TLM were told by Cdl. Wilston Gregory this week that they may not have their traditional ways (except a few outlying exceptions, so as to apparently strangulate the usus antiquior of all seven sacraments in a slow and painful manner.)

Fr. Heilman is in trouble for being involved in politics.  But liberal Franciscans and Jesuits are not in trouble for being involved in politics.  Someone mentioned on my Facebook today that AB. Fulton Sheen wrote, “And so throughout history, these two contradictory charges have been leveled against the Person of Christ in His Body the Church. His Church was accused of not being political enough when it condemned Nazism and Fascism; it is accused of being too political when it condemns Communism.”— Characters of the Passion, ch. 3: “Pilate: A Lesson on Political Power.”

So which one is it?  Are we priests supposed to be in politics or not?

The Magisterium of the Catholic Church answers this question clearly.  Because Our Faith promotes the Social Reign of Christ the King, we fully reject the separation of Church and State.  This assertion comes from the articulated faith and morals of the Catholic Church.  It is not my opinion.  And since the classic Magisterium fully rejects the separation of Church and State, we know that we priests are not only permitted to weigh-in on politics, but actually required to weigh-in on politics, especially when human life or the salvation of souls is at stake.  That is all I have seen Fr. Heilman weigh-in on over the years.

The fact that the leftists in the White House are concerned with the 0.0001% of Americans who were at the Capitol on Jan 6th, and the fact the leftists in the Vatican are concerned with the 0.0001% of North American Catholics publicly promoting the TLM, shows we live rent-free in their brains.  Indeed, all of this panic on the left gives me hope:

The light is now a real threat to the darkness.

p/c at very top to my friend and Catholic artist, Tom Kegler