In the Roman Canon, after mentioning the Pope and bishop, the priest prayers for his own personal intentions.  The first people I mention every Mass (even if not by name, but sometimes—yes, by name!) is “all of my benefactors both spiritual and material.”  I am so thankful to both the person who gave a big donation for my condo all the way down (or rather, up the latter) to the older lady offering suffering for me who gives nothing financial.  I’m not trying to sound pious as I write:  I am more in need of suffering and sacrifice offered for me than money because of the great spiritual attack in my life.

But many of you are offering up both prayer and financial sacrifices.  I’m extremely thankful to you all.  As to the latter, I wanted to point out a few small changes that are found on my Donate Page but might be a little bit hidden in there, so it’s worth reading here, too:

1.  I have a new PO Box:

Peregrino Hermitage Ltd.
PO Box 87
Watkins, CO 80137

2. PayPal is now paying for employees’ abortions. Thus, some of my monthly donors may wish to change from PayPal to Continue To Give (CTG) as found at the top of my Donate Page. Keep in mind that both PayPal and CTG are linked to my tax-deductible 501(c)(3) and give you automatic receipts for your taxes to keep at the end of the year. Both also take a small “cut.” 1 So, I would suggest switching from PP to CTG since the latter is a Christian-run organization that will not pay for employees’ abortions.

3. Zelle. You can now donate to me to me using if your bank uses Zelle.   Zelle takes no “cut” from your donation like PayPal or Continue to Give.  The only disadvantage is that if you donate to me using Zelle, it goes straight to me, not my charity.  So, there’s no tax kickbacks at the end of the year.   Just search my email address at the above link.  (My email is fathernix [@]  Of course, just remove those brackets and spaces that I add just to escape the bots scanning this blog.)