Hello Father Nix,

I am a senior in a public high school and have been trying to discuss matters of the Faith to various people, I have been contemplating on whether I should give out blessed or unblessed Miraculous Medals in this type of environment. What do you suggest?


Hi G,

It’s a good question. I understand the philosophy of giving out unblessed Miraculous Medals (MM)s in case people of bad will sacrilege them but ultimately I think it’s best to give out blessed MMs on chains to people who have a good-will.

If someone has a bad will, we don’t want them sacrileging MMs that are blessed or unblessed . If they have a good will (even if not Catholic) the blessing can only help them.

Of course, you can’t judge who has a good-will or a bad-will, but an easy test on if someone will benefit from a MM is simply if they respond with excitement or mockery. Anyone who responds with mockery won’t benefit much from a MM (blessed or unblessed.)


In Christo et Maria,

Fr. David Nix
“To know Him and the power of His Resurrection and partaking in His sufferings conformed to His death.”—Philippians 3:10

(published with permission of the person who wrote me the email.)

(The take-away from this blog is: Either hand out blessed medals or don’t hand them out.)