In the Catholic Church, no single group has any room left to flex in such a huge crisis of doctrine and morals. It’s the perfect time for the reunification of all Christians.

I could name a logical flaw with the ecclesiology of every group in the Catholic Church trying to answer the current outrageous crisis: Charismatic Novus-Ordo, Conservative Novus-Ordo, diocesan TLM, FSSP, SSPX, Bennyplenist, Sedevacantist, Eastern Churches… They all have at least one logical flaw on the post-Vatican II papacy and hierarchy. (I actually belong in one of those groups, but point is: I’m not above any of those groups. I probably haven’t figured out something you haven’t.)

The fact is that I’m genuinely confused and humbled by the crisis in the Church. I will never leave the Catholic Church but with seven revamped sacraments starting 55 years ago and open idolatry in the Vatican, we are way past pithy phrases like, “Don’t leave Jesus for Judas.”

Every group I named above (including mine) is now walking with a limp. There is no triumphalism now. We are all humbled before Christ crucified in the Catholic Church. Nobody has any room left to flex. It’s the perfect time for the reunification of all Christians. Let’s pray for that. Let’s thank God only He can rescue us now and begin the restoration of the Church promised to Our Lady in Quitó over 500 years ago that would come sometime in or after the 20th century.

And finally let’s pray it becomes like Soloviev’s fictional prophesy written in the year 1900 that all Orthodox and evangelicals would unite with all Catholics under the standard of the Cross before the glorious return of Christ.