13 02, 2018

Heresy Podclass 1: The First Century

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This is the first in a new series called "Heresies and their Remedies." We start with the heresies that popped up in the first century and were tackled by St. John the Beloved. These series will probably be released every other Tuesday. One reference for this class will be a book by St. Alphonsus Liguori called History of Heresies and Their Refutation.  NB The music bumpers for this podclass will be a funny fail at the "2001 Space Odyssey" because I thought it was appropriate for how heresy always starts glorious, but proves ugly.

11 02, 2018

How to Make a Good Confession

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This sermon begins with the heart's disposition for a good confession but moves quickly onto the nuts and bolts of the little known parts of confession, including little-known mortal sins.  In this sermon, I quote Hinduism Today on modern attempts to separate Yoga from its Hindu roots. (One thing I forgot to mention in this sermon is that although forgotten mortal sins are indeed forgiven in a good confession—where nothing was hidden—they still need to be confessed at the next confession.) This sermon was was given on Quinquagesima Sunday, 2018.

4 02, 2018

The Hierarchy of Creation

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This sermon was given on Sexagesima Sunday, 4 February 2018, in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is about the hierarchy of creation containing the hierarchy of knowledge as transmitted through the angels.  This will launch us to consider how the Catholic Faith was originally transmitted from the Apostles to bishops to priests to the families of early Christianity.

2 02, 2018

Candlemas Sermon

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This sermon was given on the feast of the Purification, 2018. Please note that my sermons for the next month will be very short, due to fundraising events in this diocese that will take place prior to Holy Mass. Please also note that every other Monday, I will be publishing a new class here called "Heresies and Their Remedies," beginning with Christological heresies that began almost immediately following the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The first of these classes will take place with my parishioners on Sunday, 11 February.  That Sunday (as usual) I'll podcast my sermon.  The next day, on 12 February (God-willing) I will podcast the first "Heresies and [...]

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