RomeCast 4: St. Ubaldo and Catholicism needing both Relationship and Rules

Oz discusses a Florida bishop from the 1980s who reflected the courageous acts of an ancient saintly bishop, Saint Ubaldo of Gubbio. I then discuss the conversion of grandmother, now 103, seen in the featured picture above. Please pray for her failing health. Finally, sorry about the bad sound quality—we recorded this podcast while I was driving across the country and we are working on getting better recording equipment.

RomeCast 3: STEM shooting, VP Pence and Priestly Garb

On today’s podcast Andromeda and Fr. Dave discuss persecution of Christians in the USA as well as what it means for a priest to wear his cassock or habit.   As will be the custom, we will always close with a quote from the Life of the Virgin by St. Maximus the Confessor.  It can be found on Amazon here.

RomeCast 2

In today’s podcast, we hear Oz’ conversion story.  Oz will be my co-host for every Thursday’s RomeCast as we dwell into news and commentary on the Catholic world. Today I also talk about a new Benziger Brothers re-make of Parish Ritual that includes all the old sacraments of the Roman Rite in both Latin and English.

RomeCast 1

In today’s first RomeCast podcast, we introduce our Tuesday co-host, Andromeda.  She tells her family story and a little of her conversion.  We then jump into the news.  Both of us coincidentally chose news stories about secularists harassing pro-lifers in both Europe and the United States, the latter being the civil rights attorney Brian Sims publicly harassing children.  That video is embedded below (not on any podcast app) but rather on my blog via Twitter. (We will definitely be shorter in the future, but this intro of Andromeda is well worth a first good, long RomeCast.)

Interview with a New Convert Part 2

This is part 2 of 2 of an interview with Stefanie Nicholas, a millennial who went from being an agnostic to following Christ and the Catholic Church.   Hear in today’s podcast how she “runs into the fire” of a Church in crisis with scandals, even when many run away. Stefanie writes at onepeterfive.