5th Sunday After Epiphany: Ecclesiology

How can the Catholic Church be so dirty and yet “the Bride of Christ without blemish” at the same time? This is a sermon on Ecclesiology, which is defined as the study of the Church. The most difficult topic to explain in Ecclesiology is how the Church can be both human and divine at the same time.

Epiphany and the Ancient Prophesy of Ecuador

The Mother of God appeared to a young Spanish prioress in the 16th century in Quito, Ecuador, asking her to suffer for the Catholic Church’s tribulations of the the 20th century.  This is a Vatican-approved apparition of the Blessed Mother where Mother Mary actually told Ven. Mariana exactly what would happen to every sacrament.  But Epiphany is all about the light that shines when the darkness is actually darkest.  Where Christ has gone, so also will His Church follow.  Bumper song credit:  O Lux et Decus Hispaniae.  (Oh light and glory of the Spanish peoples.)

Ignatian Meditation: You meeting the Christ Child

This is the second half of an Advent mission that I gave tonight in Louisiana before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  It is a led meditation of discursive mental prayer that I gave improv, but it is given according to the style of St. Ignatius and St. Teresa of Avila.  This recording is one of my only podcasts that I would suggest doing in a quiet place for the sake of the prayer required.  It is the type of prayer that changed the life of St. Francis Xavier when he was led in this personal way by St. Ignatius of Loyola, over 500 years ago.