13 01, 2022

Unmasking More Lies About Alana Chen

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Above is The Denver Post's picture of Ms. Joyce Calvo-Chen In December 2019, a young woman named Miss Alana Chen (see picture far below) was found dead at age 24 and Boulder County, Colorado ruled it a suicide. Her mother, Ms. Joyce Calvo-Chen (see featured image at top) immediately pinned it on the past counseling of two diocesan priests (including myself) and two religious sisters. This was despite the fact I had not seen Alana for three years before her death.  This was despite the fact that I was a priest at Joyce and Alana's Boulder parish from 2010-2011—a full nine years before Alana's death.  At her death, I blogged [...]

15 12, 2019

The True Account of Alana Chen

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I, Fr. David Nix, led about 20 Colorado University students to Rwanda in 2014. Upon return, Alana Chen (then at CU) encouraged 20 CSU students from our Africa trip to write letters about my character when it was doubted by older folks back in the US on issues of pastoral kindness. This was around one of the very last times I saw her (2014) and she sadly died this past weekend (7 Dec 2019.) I am extremely grateful for her defending my good name even from the grave, when doubted on similar issues of pastoral kindness towards University students this past week of mourning her loss. May God grant salvation, [...]

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