I very much like the conservative Catholic Matt Walsh and his work.  But the only time I have seen him respond irrationally and subsequently lose a debate was in the above two-minute clip from 2019.  In it, another Catholic man asks Walsh how he, as a Christian, can work for Ben Shapiro who publicly blasphemes Jesus Christ.  He even gives an example of such blasphemy.  But Walsh changes the topic and says, “Are you suggesting everyone who is not Christian is guilty of blasphemy?”  The man respectfully doubles-down on his question, not being deterred.

Walsh (getting worked up in a way he almost never does) then mockingly says, “I promise when I get back to the studio I’m going to talk to Ben and tell him, ‘You must be a Christian right now because that is unacceptable.'” The Catholic questioner then calmly replies: “That’s a straw man.  That’s not what I’m saying.  I’ve worked for many non-Christians in the past.”

Walsh does not answer the issue of his boss (Shapiro) repeatedly blaspheming Jesus Christ, but rather set ups a straw-man arguments which he then knocks down.  (A straw-man is a logical fallacy frequently used against Walsh, not by Walsh.) It’s the only time I’ve seen Walsh lose his cool—or a debate.

Of course, both the above questioner and I believe a Catholic can indeed work for a Jew.  But such a Catholic must publicly challenge a Jew blaspheming Christ, especially when they both work for an honest conservative production company with large personalities and even larger audiences.  Walsh (again, who I like very much) dodges the question in the above video and never answers it in the above clip.  The above two-minute clip certainly should not be named “Walsh destroys Alt-right moron,” for the opposite is true.

Who Walsh could learn from in defending his own faith (even against fellow workers at the Daily Wire) is ironically Shapiro himself.  Now in 2022, a few years after the above clip, Kanye West (aka Ye, a relatively new evangelical Christian) just had his Twitter suspended for writing that he was going to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”  In the below short video, Shapiro (a Jew) explains his friendship with Candace Owens (an evangelical) will indeed continue—even as she continues her friendship with Ye.  But Shapiro clearly explains why he severely disagrees with Owens in standing by Ye.  You get the sense that Shapiro puts his faith ahead of his work friendships.  It’s something Walsh (and all other Catholics imbued with “ecumenism” in their friendships) could learn from: