I despise President Trump’s Operation Warp-Speed that rolled out the COVID vaccine. I understand he promoted staff who lived alternative lifestyles. Neither of these are things that King St. Louis IX would have done if he were a monarch in the USA in the 21st century. But such a saint is not alive today, and we need to decide if we’re going to get behind the least-bad man we’ve been given on the right in decades by Divine Providence.

The problem is this: Many traditional Catholics now say some form of this assertion: “A country founded on Protestant and freemasonic principles was always going to fall and Trump is just controlled-opposition.” Though I might grant the former, the only proof you need to know that the latter is not true is to see this with spiritual eyes and ask: Why do demons (and those in the FBI and DOJ who follow such demons) hate Trump with such ferocity? Was the raiding of his home in Florida was all part of his devious participation in some 4-D version of Trump being “controlled opposition”?

Of course not.

Conservatives often say things like, “We haven’t had a fair election in 100 years, if not since the inception of this country.” Maybe not. But we’ve never had an entirely stolen election as we have had in 2020. (I was recently convinced of this even more by watching Dinesh D’Souza’s 2022 movie 2000 Mules.)  Let us also remember that the leftists (and their controlled 3-letter agencies) see Trump as such a threat to their overturning of freedom that even after a 2020 military-based communist-coup that illegally and criminally put Biden in the White House in 2020, an illegal raid was executed on the home of a former (or rather ousted-yet-remaining) President’s home in Mar-a-Lago this summer in 2022.

We traditional Catholics need to see we are facing communism in real-time. Many lukewarm but decent American Catholics who criticize me need to start considering that my main problem with communism is not economic evil (wicked as it is) but that it’s an atheistic system made to establish a surveillance-state that terminates anyone who stands up to their group-think. Such Catholics probably need to stop seeing Nazism and Communism as two sides of the political spectrum and rather realize that both regimes are godless and murderous systems that stand against freedom, truth and religion.

I suspect the reason Our Lady of Fatima warned against Communism and not Naziism in Portugal 100 years ago (during the greatest miracle since the Resurrection) is because Communism would one day kill 14x the amount of people as Nazis.  Also because communism still remains a much more undetectable system of totalitarianism. Hence, our Mother had to warn us of what we can apparently still not see. Everybody knows Nazism is wicked. But few American Catholics really and truly believe that pro-aborts in the USA have killed more than the Nazis during the Jewish Holocaust.  Most American Catholics refuse to admit that it’s the same pro-aborts stealing the election in 2020 and raiding Trump’s home in 2022.

We traditional Catholics need to recognize we don’t have a King St. Louis IX on the horizon. We either need to fight for Trump or join the communists in shutting him down. Moping about and saying, “A country founded on Protestant and freemasonic principles was always going to fall” is a lot closer to the latter. I very much believe that silence on Trump is complicity to communism in this case, even for traditional Catholics like me who despise his Operation Warp-speed and certain staff he had promoting alternative lifestyles. I’m sorry I had said on the RTF podcast last year that I had turned on Trump. I recant that. The truth is: Even if you say he’s not a great man, his last six years in the public eye show that leftists can’t even endure a good man, much less a great man. So, if God has seen it fit not to endow this abortion-infested country with a great man, but only a good man, then we better jump on the Trump train. Or just join all-out communism, aka, the Errors of Russia.

Hitler’s main anti-semite hero was Martin Luther.  Martin Luther once wrote, “Set fire to their synagogues or schools,” and Jewish homes should be “razed and destroyed” in On the Jews and Their Lies.  So, in some sense, we can blame the Holocaust on the fact that Germany became a mostly-Protestant country.  But a few Catholics held out not only in defending traditional Catholicism, but even in resisting the Third Reich.  I recently blogged about Cardinal Von Galen who stood up to the Gestapo in 1941.  Notice that he didn’t mope about and say “Ugh, I always knew Germany that was once founded on Catholicism but then switched to Protestantism would one day fall like this.”  Rather, Cdl. Von Galen publicly and courageously resisted the Nazis.  After the war, he was made a Cardinal by Pope Pius XII in Rome to the accolades and cheers of thousands of people.  During the war, Cdl. Von Galen played the cards he was dealt in the 20th century.  Bishop Von Galen did not have time to sit around blaming God that he no longer saw the traditional and lovely Westphalian Catholicism into which he was raised in the 19th century.

So also, traditional Catholics today constantly droning “A country founded on Protestant and freemasonic principles was always going to fall” are failing to see that God has allowed us to live in a time such as this to get involved in local or national politics.  Granted, getting your family is more important than politics.  But now is not the time to pull up the draw-bridge on all of American life unless you’re going to truly go off the grid and raise your family on an entirely self-sufficient homestead with no interaction with anyone else. If you can go off the grid, then please—go for it.  Not kidding.  I admit that’s a lot better than fighting for Trump.

But if you’re still reading blog posts or watching Catholic videos or podcasts, please decide today if you’re going to fight for the first President we’ve had in 50-100 years not controlled by a puppet-master… or… if you’re going to mope about in silent complicity with the very regime of Communism currently taking over this country that Our Lady warned about in 1917.

p/c Breitbart

Edit: And even if it’s De Santis we all vote for, we can’t turn an eye when a private citizen’s home is raided simply for his political beliefs.